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About Us

Antique car dash

Our History

The story of how Roger's Towing and Auto Repair started...One day Roger met a man who was traveling from Alberta to Newfoundland when his car broke down. The man was stranded in Ottawa where he knew no one and had very little money to help get him back on his way. 

Without a second thought, Roger offered to help in anyway he could to help get this man back on the road. Because of Roger's giving personality the stranger was welcomed into Roger's home where he stayed while his car was being fixed. It took a few days but his car was finally finished and the stranger was able to be on his way safely.

Unfortunately, the car was in such bad condition it ended up being more then what the stranger could afford. But Roger understood that sometimes a complete stranger just needs a helping hand and asked that he be paid whatever the stranger could afford and then sent him on his way. 

Roger officially gave over the business to his son, Steven, in January 2018 where Steven has continued to provide the same loyal service as his dad has done for the past 50 years. Steven lives a similar life as his father where his greatest pride is cars and his family. He believes that " he wouldn't be half of the mechanic he is today without his dad." 

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